Peculiar, Missouri

It took me two phone calls to finally get the online price to match the advertised price. So any unsuspecting online customer would have paid almost $38 more.

Then I ordered the furniture and when I hit submit, I realized it hadn't given me the coupon discount. It took me 3 times to even get the order to work and when it did, it eliminated the coupon prices. I wrote and told them to either correct the prices or cancel the order. They wrote back and told me that the phone numbers I gave did not match their records.

The only thing I can figure is they have an old home phone number but when I sign into my account online the phone numbers are correct. They would not change the prices or cancel my order because they said I didn't give them the right phone number. This is ludicrous! They didn't care about that when I placed the order.

Why would someone else want to cancel my order? I even sent them the original receipt that I got from them online. I would never recommend anyone do business with this untrustworthy company. They have the big percentage of the furniture market in KC and they sure act like it.

I told them I would not accept delivery of the furniture, so they lost a sale over some *** snafu.

Funny isn't it, that they don't make you verify anything to place an order and use their credit card but when it comes to cancelling, they want it verified. So unprofessional!

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