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After ordering and being told it would be a month before our delivery date, we were okay with this. A month passed and 2 days before the delivery we were called and said our order would be another month.

We weren't all that happy with the news, being that we had no bedroom furniture or living room furniture, we really needed it. But it was exactly what we wanted so we were still excited to get our stuff even if we had to wait over 2 months to receive it. So yesterday was our delivery date. Our delivery time was between 9-11am, a little after 1:00pm the delivery truck showed up to our house.

When the delivery men showed up with our stuff is when the real problems started. They started by taking the nightstands upstairs and then back down to get the bed. As they were taking the bed upstairs, the delivery man said, (in front of my 7 year old son) I can't believe we aren't getting Mother F***ing raises from this company. After getting the bed upstairs I went up to show them where to set it up, and the man said, "***, it's hot in this house, do you guys ever turn on your air conditioner?" I was already pissed about their language at this point, so I just went back downstairs, hoping they would hurry up and be out of my house.

It was uncomfortable for me to have my family there. After getting the dresser upstairs they came and delivered the TV stand/entertainment center to our living room. I had gone upstairs to see the bed put together and noticed the top of one of the nightstands had what looked like someone peeled a sticker off the entire top of the nightstand. I asked them about it, and they said yeah, you probably need to go get some goo be gone and clean that up.

tensions were definitely mounting at this point. They were getting ready to leave and I went to check out the tv stand, none of the drawers were shutting all the way. The guy said that is the way they are suppose to be and then left. So I called customer care to explain the situation.

After being bounced from customer care agent, they passed me on to a "manager", after explaining the entire situation again, they needed to pass me on to a "supervisor" where I explained my situation for a third time and being on hold for close to 10 minutes. Finally talked to someone that was taking notes on what was going on, and she was suppose to be a supervisor, however as I get in to what happened she had to go and talk with a supervisor. Finally she said she was going to transfer me, I am guessing to whomever she was talking to. And after about 45 minutes on the phone with these people, she hung up on me or we were disconnected somehow.

I called back and I told the girl that answered the phone I needed to go straight to a supervisor as I was told, she said she needed to know the problem, so I explained at length what the problem was for a fourth time, and tot he first agents credit, she asked that I be put back on the line with her. Let me be clear, this agent I talked with was extraordinarily nice, apologetic, and did her job very well. But I had finally had enough and just told them to come back and get all the furniture, as I was not going to have brand new broken furniture in my home. She explained they could send a service call out to my home because actually what had happened to the nightstand was over finished from the manufacturer, and she assured me the drawers on the entertainment TV cabinet were most likely just not aligned correctly.

If this had been the only issue, I probably would have taken them up on the service call and just had it done that way, but the culmination of everything I had been through trying to order all of this furniture was too much. I told her again, I just want this stuff out of my house. So she went back to her supervisor and came back on the line and said we would love to just waive the delivery fee of $99 and offer us a $50 gift certificate to Nebraska Furniture Mart, I thanked them for the offer, but even if they would have said the stuff is free, at this point I wanted it out of my house, and for me to pay money for the delivery service I received was laughable in the first place. So I reiterated that I would just rather them come and take everything.

So back to the supervisor, about 5 minutes later she returned to the line and said, we would be happy to do that, the only thing is that this furniture is special order and there is a re-stocking fee associated with returning the furniture. So I asked what that fee was going to be, and she said 25% of the purchase price. Fed up with the whole situation and about 7 hours of my day wasted, I explained to this kind woman that I realized was doing everything she could within her power to help me, that there as no way I was paying 25% for the janky furniture that was sitting in my house. We are certainly not a storage facility for broken furniture.

So back to supervisor she went. About 5 more minutes later, she came back to phone and said they would waive the re-stocking fee and they would come and pick the furniture up. But this nightmare still isn't over, because that was on October 30th, and the first and only available date for them to pick up the furniture is November 13th. And I don't have any choice in that matter.

So I have a dresser blocking my children's bedroom doors, a bed set up that will have to be taken apart, 2 nightstands, one that looks like it was straight from a college dorm garage sale, and a TV stand in the middle of my living room. What am I suppose to do with all of this stuff for 2 weeks? I guess we are just going to have to live around it, because I don't have room in my house to have all of this laying around. I am just hoping that when they finally come pick this furniture up, they send someone other than who they had deliver it.

I can not wait for them to be there to get this out of my house, and be done with Nebraska Furniture Mart forever. I am sure there a lot of people with very good experiences with NFM, but for me and my family and what we have been put through, I will make sure let folks know what they are getting in to and then let them make an informed decision about whether they want to take a chance with NFM. So we are back at square one, starting the painful process of furniture shopping once again. This time and in the future, we will do what we knew we should have done and shopped local, rather than looking for the best price.

I will happily pay extra for better customer service, better quality, and far fewer headaches. I can not tell you enough how disappointed I am with Nebraska Furniture Mart, and the products they delivered to my home.

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Actually it sounds like NFM tired hard to do what is right. The delivery team seems to be the issue.

I understand it is frustrating and sorry you had to endure it. I hope it worked out in the end.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #746633

I had a similar experience when the contract movers that the mart hired severely scratched up the furniture when they were putting it together. The delievery person, stated that the furniture was not good quality.The Mart did come and take the furniture back, but I never checked to see if they charged me a restocking fee.

To be honest, I was afraid to complain about the delivery guys because I was afraid that they might retaliate, since they knew where I lived.


Hello- I first and foremost want to apologize for your experience with us. I have left you a voicemail with my contact information so we can work to get your concerns addressed.

I am a manager in our Home Office and want to make sure that this doesnt happen again. Talk to you soon!

Nicholas P

to Nicholas P Customer Operations Platte City, Missouri, United States #586090

You want to know what a contract is? A contract is when you agree to do something and someone else agrees to do something else.

As soon as that contract is broken then the deal is off. I would have taken all of that furniture and put it up for sale in a garge sale for about 5 dollars a piece and then told NFM to go *** themselves and if they didn't like it then to take you to small claims court. Make sure you take pictures though! Hope you got this taken care of.

I wouldn't be writing all of this but they pissed me off too. Good luck.

to midnight816 #658660

Sure, that's a great plan...assume you will pay the customer's legal bills and for their new furniture when the lose the case?

to midnight816 Huston, Idaho, United States #745284

awweee you poor thing!

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