We purchased a set of Stanley bunk beds for our boys on 8-22-2010 at the Kansas City, KS location. Also purchased was a matching Stanley dresser and matching under bed storage drawers. We paid cash in the amount of $2508.08 that day. We were told that the furniture would be delivered on 9-27-2010. As we did not buy any mattresses that day since they were not onsale, we went back on 9-25-2010 when they were. We purchased two full size mattresses that day in the amount of $322.40, once again in cash. While arranging to have these items added to the 9-27-2010 delivery date, we were informed that without our notification, our delivery date had been changed to 11-1-2010!

We had remodeled our sons room during the month we were waiting on our furniture, so our home was in dissary trying to accommodate our boys' items. Since the original missed delivery date, we have been informed that they could not get an answer from Stanley as to when these items would be delivered. We have been told numerous delivery dates that have not panned out.

After asking to speak with a manager, I spoke with Sarah in the furniture department. She promised to call Stanley directly to find out where the end pieces were. All of the other items had trickled in except the most crucial parts, the ends! I was contacted by sales floor associate Mario and told that Stanley had informed them the pieces would be finished on 10-14-2010 and instore by 10-21-2010. I called them today 10-22-2010 to ascertain a delivery date, believing the items were there. They are once again not in stock and they won't know anything until Monday. I have tried to be as patient as possible with this situation. I am hoping that the complete order arrives problem free before next year as my wife and I are expecting our third child in late January. I still have the baby's room to get ready. Luckily I already purchased quality furniture for my sons that is convertible back to a baby crib from Babies-R-Us. Two boys and five years later, it still looks brand new!!

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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I had my items delayed by over a weeks now. I spent $90 on delivery fees and was told a set day they would arrive on. Will I get reimbursed for the delivery fee?


FYI: When placing a special order at NFM all that is required is 25% down. NEVER pay the full amount on a special order.

NFM loves it when people pay 100% upfront on special orders. That is cash in the bank for them and not you. They have your money what do they care? With Stanley Youth 12-14 weeks is not uncommon.

Next time I would give Lea Industries a try. Good quality, lower price, and less turn around time.


for your info--if items are not in stock the manufacturer gives them a tenative date of arrival and salespeople are directed to tell you may be late due to vendor delay!! BIG LIE--the true story is that nfm will not pick up merchandise until they have a full truck load thus creating a delayed delivery to the customer and blaming it on the vendor. Dont blame the salesperson--they r forced to lie to you.

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