My problem is more a customer service problem than any. This story I have to spread as it just simply makes me shake my head.

We purchased a bunk bed for my 11 year old and had no probs what so ever. Our 4 year old thought this was real neat and begged for one. It just so happens her b-day was coming up, so we picked one out with her and she was ecstatic. The salesman said that this would be ready for pick up on Wednesday, March 3rd.

She was so excited that her daddy was going to pick up the bed and have it put together Saturday night for her birthday. Come the third and we find that 2 of the 5 boxes are not in yet. I call for an explanation and am told they are not expected in until the 11th. I told the rep that i am not happy about this since my 4 year old is going to be crushed on her birthday after looking for ward to it.

The cust rep could have cared a less. This bothered me. Then she suggested i put together what did arrive and I said that I am not about to have my daughter sleep on the top bunk without rails, which was one of the boxes delayed. I was also told that they do not guarantee the date of delivery.

This makes so much difference to a saddened 4 year old. Also I said that now I have to organize my schedule to be able to pick this up on the 13th since the 11th is a weekday and i cannot pick it up since i will be working. I asked if under these circumstances, they can deliver it as soon as they can, but comp the dleivery fee for me. Keep in mind I have purchased another bunk bed set, HDTV, DVD player, and entertainment center in the last 2 weeks.

I really didnt think this was much to ask, but you would have thought i was asking for shares of stock to be thrown in. I then went up the ladder and all that accomplished was a 25 minute call that left me very upset, and astonished at the lack of what they were willing to do to make an active customer happy. I told them that I can tell they could care a less that they bummed out my girl, and that they cant even do something small like comp a delivery fee, and delivery this bed 8 days late so as to try to put a smile on my face. I have worked in cust service for 2 decades and some NFM employees definately leave a lot to be desired in working to make a customer happy.

Especially someone who is supposed to be higher up. I then am playing phone tag with the boss of the most recent lady i have spoken with, and now I am not even getting a call back from her. In this day and age, with companies losing money and employees being laid off, you would think that i would feel more valued as a customer than I am. So my 4 year old still waits for her bunk bed birthday present, and I am still left wondering why I do business with a company that regards me with such little gratitude.

The funny thing is that I really do not care too much if they deliver it for free. The thing that bothers me, is that they managed to put a frown on my 4 year olds face on her B-day and I have yet to speak to anyojne with NFM that even cares. I will always have a bad taste in my mouth from this experience and if I were the person on the other end of the phone, i would have said simply, "I will make sure that the bed is on the first delivery truck the next morning after it arrives, and free of charge, and I apologize about the inconvenience, and we value you as a customer." and maybe throw in that you hope my daughter has a good birthday.

Is that really so hard? Thats the furthest from my experience though.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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I would like to take the time to add to my previous complaint. I was contacted the same day by not one, but two very professional and caring NFM employees, who were very attentive to my concerns.

They ended up delivering the bed for free the next day after it arrived in the warehouse, and even assembled it free of cost. One of the railings was severly warped though, but that same evening they brought a new set of railings and also even threw in a beaded light fixture for my little girl to apologize for the delay. I now am very happy, and they definately saved me as a customer. I didnt need to be treated like royalty, just get some kindness and appreciation, but what I got was the royal treatment and I appreciate it for my daughter who is happily loving sleeping in her new bed.

She thought it was pretty cool watching the guy put it together also. Thanks NFM for coming through.


It's really too bad this happened but unfortunately, life is full of disapointments. You can take the opportunity to discuss this concept with your 4 year old.

Get her a small consolation present, spend time together planning how the room will be, even pick up what's available and start assembling it with her help. With a little thought you can make this a good experience.

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