I bought a laptop on feb 22 for myson'sbirthday which was on feb 27. I paid in full withmy debit card and told that the computer was not in store but would be available in 3-4 days and that someone would call me when it is ready.

It is now march 3 and no one ever called. When I call the customer service line it says "our records show that your item arrived in store march 1". Whe I call to the store all I get is I am not sure what happened. So I cancelled the sale and now I can't thethe moeny returned to my card for "5-7 days"????

I paid with a card it just takes a second to return it but they will ahve held me money for 2 weeks and given me nothing. Never again NFM

Monetary Loss: $758.

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Dear Mtallent

I apologize for all the trouble you had with your purchase. With out any of the deails Im not sure what happened. The amount of time it takes for the money to be retured to your card is dependent on the bank you bank with. If there is anything we can do to regain your buisness please give us a call at 1-80*-***-****


Nicholas P

Customer Relations Manager


Being in the retail business myself I can assure you that the time it takes to get money put back on your debit card does not rest on the retailer but your bank. When retailers invoice the cancellation of your order it is usually the funds are usually released at midnite of the transaction.

It then sets there until your bank completes the transaction and credits your account. I have seen some cases where banks will take up to 10-14 days to credit your account.

I'm quite sure your account will be credited before that but businesses will give that date for your information. Don't blame the retailer, instead contact your bank!!!

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