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We purchased a refrigerator from the clearance section at Nebraska Furniture Mart. According to NFM, the only reason it was returned and in the clearance section was because the door was damaged on delivery and wouldn't shut properly, but had been fixed, leaving only a small scratch on the door. Even though it was on clearance, this fridge was still over 2000 dollars. THREE MONTHS after we bought the fridge it quit cooling. When the technician came to repair the fridge one of the first things he asked after looking at it was who had previously repaired our fridge. I told him it was only three months old and we got it directly from NFM it shouldn't have any previous repairs other than the door. He explained and showed me several parts that had been replaced indicating a "previous restriction in the sealed system that required an access line, dye and recharging to fix." All of which would have been done before we even bought the fridge but was not disclosed to us. The fridge had to be recharged again, and several other parts replaced so...three repairs and a month later we are told that there is probably a small leak in the system that they can't find or get to so every 3-4 months our fridge will stop cooling. We obviously have a lemon fridge but NFM response is "we are past the return time, they didn't know the fridge had those problems (I guess it magically fixed itself before we bought it) but we can BUY the extended warranty on the fridge from them if we like. They recommend whirlpool to have any problems fixed now."

As a side note on whirlpool. Their policy it to replace every part on the fridge one at a time until there is no other possible solution but to replace the fridge. And the reason it took a month to get our fridge working was because when a part was ordered their "rush delivery" for a "no cool situation" was snail mail taking 4-6 days for each part to arrive.

So it has been a disappointment with both companies in how they have handled this problem with their product but...if NFM had been honest and told us what was wrong with the fridge in the first place instead of a misleading us to think it was just a small scratch on the front we would have never bought the fridge.

This fridge is the first (and last) whirl pool product we have ever tried. I was very hesitant to buy an appliance from the clearance section to start. We have bought many things from NFM and they have always been really good about fixing any problems in the past so I thought it would be OK. Obviously I was wrong, they passed their problem onto me and left me to figure it out.

I know things break or have problems and don't always work the way they are supposed to. (three months for a fridge is a little ridiculous) For me as a consumer, second to a product performing as expected is the customer service to fix a problem when it doesn't . In this case neither of those expectations were met, or even seem important to NFM. We are very upset and disappointed. This has been a very expensive,frustrating, and ridiculous experience.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $2000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Nebraska Furniture Mart. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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