I was supposed to have a sofa delivered by Nebraska Furniture Mart today between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. I got a call at 9:20 a.m. asking if they could come by in 10 minutes, since they'd had cancellations. I told them to wait at least 20 minutes because I'd just gotten out of the shower. Not 2 minutes later, they were pounding at my door. I had to answer the door in my robe or they would have driven away, and I would have had to reschedule delivery. I was embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief!

I called the customer service and waited on hold forever while I got dressed. I finally had to hang up so I could get the sofa into my house and get these men on their way. And of course, when they left, the "leader" said, "Have a great day!"

Talking to the customer service manager got me nowhere. She promised to send out a $60 credit letter. But she didn't seen to grasp the concept that when you're a single woman, it's scary enough to know that you'll be home alone when 3 men are coming to deliver furniture. It's even scarier when you're racing to get dressed and they show up early.

I am convinced that these male delivery drivers did this on purpose because they're a bunch of perverts looking for a cheap thrill. So everyone, if you have to have items delivered to your home, DO NOT leave a female at home alone to greet these drivers! Men, please take the day off and wait for them -- don't leave your wives to do it alone. And women, if you have to be at home to greet them because you're single or your partner can't wait with you, then find someone else to be there when they come. Finally, do not EVER accept an early delivery.

My biggest mistake was answering the door. I should have just called customer service and told them to get them off my porch. I will never, ever accept a morning delivery again. I will never, ever let them come early. And I will never, ever be at home alone when these people come to my house. They simply are not safe to be around.

Location: Bellevue, Nebraska

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This seems extreme. Him saying "Have a great day" frightened you?

Lady!! You watch too much TV


I find it difficult to believe three guys from a company like nfm, which has gone through background check and training, would pose a threat to you. Maybe something happened to you at some point that made you hyper sensitive to being around men. If you were that concerned, you should have let them leave and reschedule when they can show up on time.


Are you serious lady.they probley had 12 more delivers to do. Yea you right you should had a afternoon delivery so your ads would be up and ready not waiting last minute.You call them perverts.give Mr a freaking break. Get off your high horse.let's be freaking real.


Haha you are *** *** lady. Get over yourself lmfao. No wonder you're single hahahahaha


Get tha *** outa here, they just want to get their *** done and get on there way, I highly doubt they even gave you a second look, get over yourself and stop acting cunty


your dillusional lady. it seems you have an ego problem.


I doubt they did that on purpose but look at your note -- you are the one that told them you were "just out of the shower".

"....asking if they could come by in 10 minutes, since they'd had cancellations. I told them to wait at least 20 minutes because I'd just gotten out of the shower"

how long can it take to slip on a pair of sweats and a a shirt?

T. D.


Really? I just want to slap you for how ignorant you are, did you ever think that maybe they had to be off early to pick up their kids, or yet their kid has a baseball game, or even just get off early. Ps I'm sure if they wanted a cheap thrill there's plenty of adult shops....just get over yourself and Nfm is probably thrilled to not have your buisness anymore, people like you just want attention


Seriously? Pretty much all of the furniture in my house is from NFM and I have found their delivery drivers to be respectful, and yes, I am a woman who lives alone.

I would be thrilled with an early delivery! Next time, be ready early, problem solved.


Wow, I am not sure how this degenerated into men-hating or racial profiling. Consider for a moment that all jobs being equal, it is just not too much to ask that a job is done with the costumer's needs as the priority.

I have been doing business with NFM for over 30 years and they have completely lost sight of costumer service once payment has been made.

This woman has a right to purchase a sofa and expect to take delivery at a set time, specifically when she is fully dressed and comfortable with the delivery conditions. Note that she was willing to take delivery 20 minutes ahead of time, so she was more than solicitous to these delivery persons time.


Wow. You have issues. Man hating B.


Goodgreef! :roll The movers need to move to make their pay. They do not get payed by the hour.


I have shopped at Nebraska Furniture Mart for a long time and have had numerous deliveries, nicest people ever!! Nebraska Furniture Mart only deals with good people like themselves! Get off your butt and stop complaining!


I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you're a white woman and they were non-white men. You seem like you're assuming the people they are and saying they're not save to be around is a bit much.

They didn't say anything to you from what you said.

They told you to have a great day---is that a reason to believe they were trying to catch a cheap thrill? it really sounds like youre verryyy full of yourself!!!


I think you are a little too uptight, and calling the delivery people perverts is out of line. They have a job to do and was doing their job.

You had a robe on it's not like you answered the door in the nude. Maybe you should have gotten off the phone with customer service and threw on some clothes. How are they perverts?

All they said was "have a nice day". Stop being such a prude!!


Also, don't tell them you just got out of the shower!


Are you kidding me?? Your upset over an early delivery??

Did they show up in an unmarked truck?? I seriously doubt it! Being a delivery person is extremely tough and alot of factors contribute to meeting a time frame.

Show some consideration and be thankful they were early and not late!! Also getting up earlier wouldn't be a bad idea either!!

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