We ordered a table from NFM and when the first table came they just set it up and didn't open/close the middle piece to see if it worked. After they left we tried it and it wouldn't open or close back up.

Called NFM and they said a tech would call in 7-10 days....2 weeks later we called NFM back and said, we have no call? They called the tech and the tech told them that he talked to us already and everything was fine??! Well that didnt happen. So My husband told them to have another tech call..2 weeks after that and no call.

He called NFM and told them to just send a new table. They brought that two weeks later and opened it and the middle piece opened but wouldn't close totally when pushed together. There is a gap in the table about a half inch. My husband called NFM and was like..

Okay, WTH? I want a tech to come out and fix this one. They said they can't guarantee he will call in 7-10 days but will put in the request. Then proceeded to argue with my Husband that they can't control anything.

Umm..didn't we buy this from NFM and now they have no control over their stuff? Uh..weird. He talked to a Manager too and she was totally pissy and never once apologized, said she understood our frustration..she just kept telling my husband.."ARE YOU DONE, ARE YOU DONE, so I CAN TALK?!" What the heck, worst customer service, EVER! So..our table is still not working right and they apparantly hire tech's that lie and never call.

I won't buy from them again... EVER

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Jesus, Tyson is right... you say "they left we tried it and it wouldn't open or close back up" - well, which is it, because you can't have one without the other?

LAME... would someone just punch me in the face.


If it wouldn't open, how can you then say "it wouldn't close back up". It can't possibly close back up if it won't open...

Or did you get it open, and then not close it? Either way, you're an ***.

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