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I bought an item from that store and never again, I bought a DVD when I got home and put it in there was nothing and I mean nothing on the dvd, i took it back the next day only be that I cold exchange it, ok so I did I took this one home and strated to play it the dvd worked up until about half way then it stopped and the screen went black then blue. I again took it back, I was a little upset when I was there and then this guy came up to me and said he was the security manager and wanted to know what my problem was, OMG they called this guy because after the dvd incident I got upset because I had to make 2 trips because of a faulty dvd. I explained to him my problem and he said there was nothing he could do he was actually being snide and condescending, a few other customers were watching and one guy in my defence said to the security gy "hey leave him alone" the security guy his name was Jim said "mind your own buisness sir" I said I do not appreciate your tone and wanted my money back, they did eventually give my money back but not after this Jim guy who was being a total *** stood there and then followed me out. I told them I would never be back to such a lousy store and he then stopped and said in a low voice to me "I really don't care your just one person".

How rude and offensive just because he was the security manager what gives him the right to say that to a customer who was only upset because of a dvd he had to bring back not once but twice???

I will not shop there again and I hope we can boycott this store or maybe get this upity security manager fired.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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I bought a couch that was supposed to be leather, but it is apparently not! We have had it just over a year and all the "leather" is wearing off.

NFM was contacted and since it was past thirty days they won't do anything.

Terrible, terrible, terrible - cheap cheap cheap. Wont buy anything there again.


First off, Nebraska Furniture Mart did not produce the DVD, so why were you pissed at them? Would you prefer they opened up all the DVDs and tested them first?

Second, you walked in all irritated at them for something that was not their fault, probabally made a huge scene then are surpised when they send security to ensure you didn't make a bigger scene? Wow, you are a tool.

Richmond, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #18442


The mart sucks

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