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Found furnature at the store we LOVED and bought it. Asked for a PM delivery on a Friday, then get a call Thursday stating the delivery time is set for 9-11 am...

yes AM. Both my husband and i work days, and have to time to ***. When i called their response is we can only deliver it during that time. and if i want it i have to i need to rearange my schedule to accomodate them!!!

i really wish i didnt give my couch away already!! i'd tell them to keep it!! i will NEVER do business with them again!!

Terrible terrible customer service!!!!!!!!

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I work at NFM and I've never had an issue with a delivery. The drivers don't know I work there because the orders aren't coded or anything. I've never had an issue myself.


It's funny how people think they can get away with murder at NFM just because it's a localized large business that's been around for years. Quit being so arrogant and get over yourself.


At least they didn't say to you as they said to me "your only one customer so we don't care"

nfm blows big time. some people get it others don't... atleast not yet.


Please Stop Complaining About Everything you can...That right there was just pathetic.

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