Do Not Do Business With Nebraska Furniture Mart!

I am writing this review to relate how disappointed I am with the service I received from Nebraska Furniture Mart, and the lack of resolution they have offered.

I purchased a dishwasher (and installation) from their store in The Colony, Texas. On June 29, 2018, when the installers were struggling to install the dishwasher in my kitchen, they damaged the counter immediately above the left corner of the dishwasher: they chipped off a large section of the counter laminate (see photos). I saw this happen, and immediately called the NFM customer service number. I refused to sign the installation paperwork (as the installer noted on that paperwork), because the installation was not done to my satisfaction.

I have since been told by both Nebraska Furniture Mart and their insurance company that there will be no compensation for the damage, because the installers claim the damage was already there and they did not cause it, and that is what NFM (and Liberty Mutual, their insurance company) believes. They consider it a case of “conflicting statements” and simply choose to believe the installers. No one from NFM (or the insurance company) EVER came to my house to assess the damage, or to test the installer’s claim that I caused the damage by vacuum cleaning (!) against my report that they caused it by pushing a sharp-cornered steel appliance against the counter, or even to see how undamaged all the other parts of the counters in my kitchen are. For both NFM and the insurance company, it was the installers’ word against mine (no further investigation desired), and they all chose to give total credence to the installers’ word and NONE to mine. Which, happily for everyone involved except me, absolves NFM (and the insurance company) from having to do anything about the installers’ damage to my home.

So I’m left with an installer-damaged counter and nobody willing to take responsibility.

I am beyond disappointed that Nebraska Furniture Mart sees fit to treat a repeat customer this way – even that something so simple as an installation that the customer refused to sign off on is good enough for NFM. In all candor, I was expecting better from NFM: When my wife and I purchased the dishwasher, we also took a look at the gas ranges, which is our next-planned appliance purchase. We really thought buying it from NFM was a possibility, but if this is the way they care to treat their customers, that’s out of the question.

As it is now – and as both NFM and the insurance company have made clear, this is as it’s going to stay – I cannot recommend shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart to anyone. I will instead relate my last experience with NFM as a warning to all.

Do NOT do business with Nebraska Furniture Mart – they will take your money and screw you over!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nebraska Furniture Mart Dishwasher Installation.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Compensation for the cost of repairing my counter.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Pros: Product itself.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Cons: That they did not take responsiblity for the damage they caused.

Location: 5600 Nebraska Furniture Mart Dr, The Colony, TX 75056, USA

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Original poster here with a follow-up: It’s not good! If you notice in the comments here, Nebraska Furniture Mart posted their apology and a note I should contact them.

It must be useless boilerplate, because I immediately emailed them, saying that if they meant it, I am still willing to work this out with them.

I have NEVER heard back from them. Their horrible customer service continues.


This is a horrible risk one takes with big box stores. Great prices, horrible and unfeeling service. I like a local appliance store, Nebraska furniture Mart realizes they have many customers to take your place.


Hello! We apologize for your recent experience with our installers.

We understand your frustrations, and would be happy to look into this further for you.

Please contact us at contact.us@nfm.com, and refer to the review. We hope to hear from you soon!

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