They sale damaged items. Their service people are extremely rude and impatient, a strategy to intimidate customers to make any complaints. DO NOT buy anything from Nebraska Furniture Mart.

DO NOT buy anything from Nebraska Furniture Mart


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If you think youre getting GOOD customer service and good deals from NFM you are dead wrong.Bought 2 laptops for graduation gifts.

The first one we opened had a crack on the outside shell. NFM response, "super glue it. It will be fine". Wouldnt take it back.

I thought it was strange that you had to pick up outside of their facility. Now I know why. Get it outside and it becomes your problem. Then was talked in warrantys and was told we could replace the batteries in a year.

Just tried to do that and now they don't have servicing and was told to call their warranty place. We did and that rep won't replace them as there is 'nothing' wrong with them. I can't believe this place. Talked to a manager.

They are all so smooth talking.

Won't ever do business with them again.$1500 is alot to us and they treated us like we spent $5 not $1500.


I have to agree with previous posts.I went to NFM today and was trying to buy a living room set.

The salesman was rude and didn't even try to show me things. He asked me to give him the SKU numbers so he could write it up. Its like haveing to check out twice, talk to the sales guy, then go stand in line to pay, then go park in line to pickup. Hate the place.

Mom once bough a oven there, didn't fit. The customer service rep accidently sent her an internal document teaching oven sales. Explaining to remind customers to measure their opening after the pick out the oven.

And if recieving it and finding it doesn't fit to try and upsale them to a model that does fit, and if not charge for restocking and pickup.Place is like the used car lot of furniture except with worse sales people and practices.


This person above DOES NOT get back to you.

I contacted Nic twice and I was ignored.


:grin :grin

I love NFM!They have been nothing but wonderful to us!

:) We are buying carpet this week ...can't wait !!!


My husband and I purchased an entire living room grouping which included a sofa, loveseat, rocker recliner and 3 end tables.The salesman tried to say we could not get the furniture in the color we had selected from the swatches attached to the furniture.

Finally after 3 sales reps came along they realized that they could get the color we wanted. We ordered and were told it would be about 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. After 2 months it was finally delivered but the chair was NOT the color of the rest of the furniture like we had ordered. They left it anyway and said to call customer service.

I did and all they offered was to arrange for an exchange and provide me with a $50 IN STORE coupon! We live out of town so it would cost more than $50 to even get there.

Plus the fact that I will not shop there again.It is too bad people have to be so greedy and have lost sight of what true customer service really is!


Just another note.If you buy carpet from NFM (or anyone for that matter) have them give you a piece of the sample and keep it to make sure the quality matches once it is installed.

I have heard of more than one complaint regarding the installation of a cheaper type of carpet than what was purchased.At least in my friend's case, she still had the sample and the case was settled via arbitration in her favor.


Nebraska Furniture Mart used to be a great place to buy items for your home, but they have completely lost sight of what Rose Blumkin stood for.She was a tough gal, but she always took care of the customer.

Now, their motto seems to be "we don't care we don't have to." I am finding it easier and easier to furnish my house without them. In the last year I have purchased a dining table $1200, a flat panel TV $800, 10 dining chairs $1295 and not a single one from NFM. The chairs and table were ordered online because they were better quality and price. The TV from Best Buy because NFM was sold out.

(Best Buy matched the price.) Now, we will purchase a refrigerator from a competitor because NFM would not arrange for proper delivery.

So NFM refridge cancelled and a competitor will sell it for $120 less.NFM may want to start caring, because that is whole chunk of change they have lost just from one customer.


I'm pissed...I bought appliances on sale at NFM - for a house we are rehabbing..last nite we opened the box the refrig came in & it was damage on the side of it.

I mean HUGE dents! But the box wasn't damage so we thought it would be fine - reason we didn't open the box right away - plus our cabinets weren't done yet. I called Customer Service last nite & I'm over my 30 day rule to exchange....so I'm screwed. They gave me $75 off...but big deal.

I can't sell a house with a refrig in this condition! I had spent over 2k... but I'm stuck w/damage goods from NFM.

Not happy here in Excelsior Springs MO!:(


I agree they treated me like a second-class, ignorant nobody.Besides the deplorable "service" :? there's also the fact that they do LIE bold faced.

We had a coupon for $25.00 off and they gave us 5 different excuses why we couldn't use them, and not one of them was valid. Not ONE. I read the fine print to the lady and she kept coming up with a new reason she couldn't honor their ad. :( Why?

Because they never intended to offer a discount.

I can't stand a liar.They lost $3500+ in revenue from my household.


I bought a table and chairs was told it was oak and come to find out oak finish and it is balck and real dark not oak finish ans the wood is so soft scratches with fingernail dod not buy from them.

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