Extended warranty service on our flat screen tv and

the contract is managed by Assurance Ins. Assurance has given no assurance of good customer care. Nebraska was notified and have taken a no fault attitude.

The company chosen by Assurance for repairs was Frick Electronics and only way to get service from them is the more compliant the customer is the easier the service is tolerated.

Frick has delayed service thru just not returning calls, not showing up for appointments, scheduling-loosing schedules-rescheduling and denial.

Assurance's problem solving concerns have been only towards cost. So, Frick's upper hand has been how low they can bill Assurance for this bad customer.

Meanwhile the customer has lost several days off from work, lost personal appointments, and gains have been mental frustrations.

It has been since Sept.24,'08 and we are still waiting

for repairs and Assurance has been assured that Frick Electronics is forbidden on this customer property. Would like to end that we are in Kansas City, also the comments on cost and billing were verbatim from Assurance and Nebraska employees.

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Gauhati, Uttar Pradesh, India #220775

I bought a Olympus 1010 Stylus camera from them with an extended warranty. I had to send it is for service because the lens zoom broke.

It was sent to United Camera, did not get fixed the first time, United Camera lost it the second time and tried to send me a junk replacement. Assurance will not make me whole. I will never purchase another thing from NFM because of this. NFM states they have nothing to do witht the extended warranties expect to push them to people.

I want my camera back, but that will never happen.

I will be buying a new from from another store or the Olympus web site. What a rip off of $100 for the warranty.



I have a bright green pixel in the middle of my 52" TV. at first they said it was covered then sent a tech out to fix it, then the tech said they would send me a new TV and Assurance would contact me with a follow up.....

that was 6 weeks ago. Im on the phone now with a "supervisor" and after being told by the first guy that answered the phone that it was not covered because I need 3 pixels not working... the "supervisor" is not sure if it is covered or not so now im on hold again.. i have been on the phone for 4 hours so far on this call, and im gettin nowhere....

now i have finished the call and dont realy think that they care,,, at all.... jerks


Good point. Bought a computer from them.

It fried the MB and they have had my computer for over a week. Ordered a new Mother board and found out it was the wrong one they ordered. Then they did it again! Two misorders in a row!

Im without a computer, my business is suffering and the "Super TEchs" seem more like Super Turds. Sad part of it all really is that they simply don't care. I guess this is what I get for buying from them. No problem, that won't happen again.

A simple apology might have kept me loyal. Now they're up there with Best Buy aka places I refuse to shop.


I have had the worst experience with NFM and their 'assurance" contractor. Its funny because after waiting for 10 months (tons of phone calls and arguments later) the manager at NFM just told me today that they have never had a problem with assurance before.

I have now contacted an attorney and will be holding NFM liable for the faulty policy they sold me.

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