We bought a mattress with a 25 year warranty. In 16 months this mattress just failed.

This was a 2500.00 dollar mattress, long story short I had to have back surgery because of failure in mattress. My doctor told me do not sleep on this mattress again. I explained to nfm they told me I had to file claim. I filed a claim, weeks go by no response, 1 call blamed manufacturer, 2nd call blamed manufacturer, then we received a credit and were told we had to come to Omaha to pick out new bed no cash returns.

So we went to nfm, found a bed. Picked out bed, a lot cheaper bed. So we asked for refund on rest, they said no refund, pick out furniture, so we wasted our day trying to pick something out. When we did pick it out, credit department said we couldn't have it.

We had been a customer for 23 years, this store has really turned into a joke, they do not carry quality merchandise anymore. 1st the bed, 2nd our dishwasher ( 3 new motors, 1 new pump, 1 display board,1 control panel in 2 years) 3rd a 50 inch tv lasted 3 years name brand. Plus a credit department ran by AIG steal from the commoner pad there pockets.

Everything wrong with America today found at NFM. Oh by the way they won't deliver our bed for two more months, I will be without a bed now for over 5 months thanks NFM.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #745271

I call BS on this complaint as well.

Austin, Texas, United States #710496

Hahaha, the bed caused you to have surgery... I call bs!


Sounds like vendor issues not the retailer.

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