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I had purchased a LG refrigerator and when it was delivered after waiting a month it was delivered dented, a new one was ordered and today delivery person contacted me that he noticed it was badly scratched and he would return it to the store. I was later called by Mike from the delivery department telling me that scratches and dents are common and I only have one more chance with this refrigerator.

I paid 3500 and will not be strong armed into accepting scratched or dented appliances. I called customer service to ask what Mike meant by one more chance s apologized and she ordered me another refrigerator. My question is how he can tell customers this?and not lose customers.

I don't have to shop NFM because there are plenty of other places to shop for appliances and would appreciate you talking to him about his attitude. Dianne Peter's 402 861 ****

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Pros: Store.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Cons: Product or customer service.

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Hi Dianne! We are sorry that you felt strong armed and it is definitely not the way we would like to be portrayed.

If an item keeps coming in damaged it may not be cost effective to return and replace. We allow up to three times before we advised to return and re-select to something else. Of course we want your items to come in pristine condition with no dents and scratches, however, there are times where this can occur. I do show Lauren was able to get a new order going for you and to advise our prep team to check the merchandise before delivery.

We will also forward your concerns to Mike's manager for a coaching opportunity.

We do feel this transaction could have gone smoother. Thank you for your time and feedback!

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