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i bought 2 items from Nebraska furniture mart last year. The first was couch.

20.00 to deliver to my yard. if i wanted in my house it was 109.99. They only had to go another 10 feet. I had a friend help me move it inside.

i then ordered a fridge which was free delivery. They bought it to my house through my living room, and put in the kitchen. My question why it cost 109.99 t0 take a couch 10 feet, but no charge to take a fridge through my living room, makes o sense to me. I have dealt with this company for years.

I dont have much money.

over the years, I have bought dryers, a waher, 2 couches. a rocker recliner, 2 laptops, a matress and box spring

User's recommendation: I would for thier, as far as deliver, i dont know.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Pros: Has something for everyone budget.

Location: 1601 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, KS 66111

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Hi Gregg! Great question, NFM makes changes to stay consistent with our core value of Cost Effective and Competitive.

The increases are necessary to offset the growing expenses associated with the delivery process. Most retailers, such as Home Depot and Lowes also have free delivery on appliances and we compete to stay the same. Furniture is a whole other category and do provide a few options, such as free pick up at the warehouse. Free shipping/driveway delivery on large purchases of $349+ (this is when the item is left crated in factory packaging) OR In-home delivery, delivery agents will bring the product(s) into your home, uncrate them, and place them in the area of your choice.

They will also remove any of the packaging material from your home.

We hope this information helps. Should you have any further questions, please contact us one of three ways: https://www.nfm.com/customer-services

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