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Update by user Nov 04, 2015

As of today this issue is not resolved. Nebraska Furniture Mart stand behind their poor quality furniture.

I was told they will not repair my furniture but stated, "We will happily sell you a new set" and then I was told they would offer me "special" pricing on a new set. When I asked what the "Special" pricing was it was only $16 off each piece.

I didn't accept this $48 discount because it wasn't good enough. Not sure why they just won't repair the set I already have instead of insisting that I give them another $1200 of my money.

Original review posted by user Oct 05, 2015

I purchased a set of furniture from Nebraska Furniture Mart and I also purchased the Guardsman 5 year warranty. All three pieces that I bought started to rip and tear so I filed a claim with Guardsman. After several weeks had passed since I filed my claim I receive a letter from Guardsman telling me they will not honor the warranty because the damage was caused by a defect in the material. Today I went to NFM to talk to them about my furniture and the claim I filed. I was told that NFM will not honor the warranty and I need to contact Guardsman again. I asked the customer service rep if I could please speak with a manager and she said to me, “The only person you are going to speak to is someone at Guardsman” and she refused to call a manager to customer service. I was also told the defect with my furniture was not their problem and was given the phone number of a company that I could pay to come to my house and repair my furniture.

I then went to speak to a sales person and I showed him the pictures of my furniture and he said it does look like a defect in the material and he kindly gave me the manufacture’s phone number. When I asked him to speak to a manager he told me they were in a meeting but he did give me the name and number of a manager that I could call at a later time.

Next I decided to call Guardsman and the manager there explained they only cover accidental things like cuts from a scissor, cigarette burns and even a puncture from a fork and since my issue is a defect in the material they cannot help. I then called the manufacturer who told me since I purchased the fabric guard from the store that automatically voids out my manufacture warranty because fabric guard weakens the fabric.

I did receive an email back about my complaint and was told there was no coverage for the defective furniture. I understand my furniture is two years old but furniture should last longer then a year. I don't understand why NFM sells poor quality furniture.

Needless to say I am very disappointed with my purchase from Nebraska Furniture Mart. I am now stuck with damaged furniture. I thought I was being diligent by purchasing a fabric guard and warranty when actually in reality that was the wrong thing to do because the manufacture will not help me because of it. I will never purchase furniture ever again from Nebraska Furniture Mart. The customer service is horrible and they do not stand behind their product. I would also not recommend anyone to purchase anything from them after being treated in such a way.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. SBW stated that there is a room for improvement of bait and switch and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of nebraska furniture mart 5 year protection plan and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1244. Nebraska Furniture Mart needs to "repair or replace my furniture" according to poster's claims.

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Nebraska Furniture Mart Verified Representative

Hello. We at Nebraska Furniture Mart apologize for the negative experience you had.

We have policies and work hard to show our appreciation to our customer. If there is anything more we can do please call us at 800-359-1200 or email us at

to #1044594

I did try to speak to someone at your company and your customer service rep told me no I could not speak to a manager! She was very rude to me so I then made a post on your fb page and I got the exact same response you just sent me.

I did email like I was asked and then got an email back telling me there was no coverage for my defective furniture! I went back and forth in emails a few times and each time I was told no! Guardsman won't help me, the manufacture won't help me and your store won't help me! Why do you keep replying to me with this same message?

Are you trying to look like you care? I can't even get a manager to return my call. Why won't a manager call me back? I gave all my contact information in the email I sent.

I also gave a sales person at the store my contact information because he said the managers were in a meeting.

Why is it you can send these automatic emails for the public eye to see but your company won't actually help me?

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