I will never make another purchase at NFM. I purchased an expensive electronic item with CASH, and when I tried to return it 3 days later they would not give me my CASH back.

Apparently when I gave the sales clerk my phone number my husband's name came up, and she rang it up that way. I guess she couldn't take the time to see I was a WOMAN. Now they will not give me my money back, but of course they would be more than happy to give me store credit. When I said that if I had purchased the item at Best Buy or any other store with CASH I would have gotten my money.

Their weak excuse is that these other stores don't care about customer security. WHAT??? I WILL NEVER, EVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM THERE AS LONG AS I LIVE. I will be telling this to all my friends, coworkers and family.

Mrs. B must be rolling over in her grave over how the customer is treated now.

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

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Dear Anonymous (nice name),

This had NOTHING to do with security, or protecting my identity. This had to do with keeping their money, and poor customer service. I will NEVER set foot in there again.

BTW, you only needed to post your lame, NFM butt kissing response once.


Amen. I am so fed up with NFM and their lies and lack of basic courtesy.

BASIC courtesy. I couldn't even get them to look at me!

I could go into my complaint, but I'm too angry. Let's just say I'm taking my $3500.00 that I planned to spend buying furniture and a washer/dryer elsewhere.


Dear Hockey Mom Im sorry to hear about your experience with us. If you would like to email me, I would me more than happy to take a look at your specific situation and see what can be done.

Please email me at furniture.service@***.com Attn: Nicholas Perault. Sincerly, Nicholas Perault Customer Relations Manager

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